Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Come see me at the Covered! show tonight

Tonight kicks off the Covered! exhibit at Headspace Gallery inside Green Brain Comics. Come check it out if you can. The show features a ton of great artists including Ryan Lee, Chris Houghton and Heather Hansma. If you're not familiar with the Covered concept, it is almost like a band doing a cover song: you pick an existing comic book cover and put your own spin on it. The show is based on the great Covered blog.

For my piece, I decided to take on the genius that is Chris Ware, and his Acme Novelty Library #16, Rusty Brown. I knew I couldn't compete with Ware's brilliance, so my goal was to create something completely different, that hopefully he wouldn't hate. Since I'm johnny literal, I painted it on a piece of Rusty Brown steel.

Here's a small pic of it with the Chris Ware cover below it. Please come check the show out! If you can't make it tonight, the art will be on display until March 6.


  1. My only comment is: Yay for us! We rule!

  2. Thanks Chelsea!

    Pirate Bunny, I have a sneaking suspicion I know your alter ego. What the mysterious cloud of secrecy?